What We Believe

We regard the Bible as the word of God. He is its ultimate author having, with complete and perfect reliability, guided and directed the individual and various human authors.

The Bible is far more comprehensive in revealing God to us than all that he’s made. Nevertheless what he’s made - this world and universe - clearly reveals his eternal power and divine nature so that everyone should glorify and thank him continually.

God is one God and three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is alive and active in the world. He is its creator and he continually sustains it.

Despite this everyone is guilty of not glorifying and thanking him, as they ought, but instead worshipping what he’s created in some way or other, thus living as rebels. This is sin and is the problem humanity has.

To remedy and overcome this God in the person of the Son, Jesus Christ, came into the world to pay the penalty for sin by dying on a cross.

Having died he rose back to life offering forgiveness of sin and eternal life to all who will believe in him and live for him.

He graciously gives the Holy Spirit to all who believe to assist and enable them to faithfully live for and serve him each day and for life.

He will return as the judge to whom all will give account. Those who’ve been saved will be with him for eternity in perfect joy and peace. The remainder will be separated from him to receive the just punishment for their continued rebellion.

It is therefore important to read and study the Bible both individually and with others as well as to be taught and encouraged to love and serve Jesus and fellow believers (Christians).